Company Outline

If you could ride a time machine and see the
world after 100 years, what would our
descendant’s lives look like? Energy resource?
Entrance examination? Space travel?
Relationship between humans and computers?
Some things you wish for may come true,
some things you worry about may happen.

I often hear the words “Identity” or “strategy”, which are used for visions or
methodologies in order to materialize a dream and an ideal.
These words are precious for E&M group because they are our guiding model
to growing prosperously, always considering what direction we are heading in,
how fast we are going, and when we will arrive at our destined goal.

When we feel a deflection from our goal,
we rethink our identity or strategy as
though opening a map when lost on the
way, and get back on track with all our
employees’ efforts.

By this, we intend to create an ideal future
and initiate a new era.
Do not think about what life would be after
100 years but think what kind of a life you
hope for 100 years in the future.
Such feelings make us, E&M Group, filled
with great emotion.

Three oaths|To always have integrity. Talways be fair. To always give our best effort.

Derivation of name

Logo of E&M E …………… Electronics Engineering
+(&) … Harmonization
M …………… Man

Appearance of Miyazaki office

Company outline

Name E&M Corporation
Location 〒102-0083
Kojimachi 311 building 3-1-1 Kojimachi Chiyoda-ku TOKYO (Kojimachi)
Tel:+81-(03)3230-1301  Fax:+81-(03)3230-0010
Establishment October 12, 1979 (40th)
Capital 60,000,000 yen
Executive Officers Chairman             Norihiko Iwaki
President             Jiro Takizawa
Outside Director       Kiyoshi Horie
Outside Director       Atsuhiko Morimoto
Director               Masanobu Azuma
Operating officer        Teruo Noda
Operating officer        Shinji Ohno
Operating officer        Kiyotaka Kajitani
Auditor        Yukiyasu Fuse
Business Description Software Development, sales, and related service and support
Main Clients NEC Corporation
NEC Solution Innovators, Ltd.
FUJIFILM Corporation
FUJIFILM Business Innovation Corp.
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
OKI Software Co., Ltd.
Zenrin Company, Limited
(random order)
Main Bank Mizuho Bank, Kojimachi branch
MUFG Bank, Ltd., Kojimachi branch
Resona Bank, Ichigaya branch
The Shoko Chukin Bank, Ikebukuro branch
The Miyazaki Bank, Sadowara branch
Japan Finance Corporation, Tokyo branch
Number of
376 employees (Total in group /612 employees as of April. 1, 2022)