Collaboration between humans and technology… Towards the formation of an enriched society. Chairman Norihiko Iwaki

 E&M Corporation, established in 1979, has been developing leading-edge software, devoted to disseminating computers to date.
Today, “E&M GROUP (EMG)” is organized by business entities and we delegate our business among companies according to our strategy and depending on their specialties, and we are all together striving and contributing to our growth.
Especially, E&M Corporation which is a core firm leading our group, takes the responsibility of developing a business based on a long term business strategy. Therefore, we set our goal as a technology – oriented company, look for ways to create the ideal working environment from an employee’s perspective, and then make a sustained effort for contributing to our society through our accomplishments.
Nowadays, our living environment is becoming more and more convenient by using computer technology. However, I feel that our life events become more mechanical and impersonal than necessary.
Moreover, our emotional relationship in human nature is being lost and our daily sense of time becomes difficult for the rapid advancement of computerizing to follow, thus frustration becomes prominent.
Even though technology is advancing and forming a high-level society, we should appreciate and maintain a harmonious existence, always feeling humanity, a sense of intimacy, warm-heartedness and fulfillment.
As a corporation, business development and company growth are two very important matters. However, the most important mission is building an environment where every person involved in EMG feels they have a place in society and a purposeful life within the company.

Aim the product service to contribute to the richness of the mind and heart, and to a fulfilled life. President Jiro Takizawa

 We have been expanding through the software development business; though, in this chaotic world, when I think back to the vision of what a corporation should be, I think we should return to our original purpose of contributing to society and use this original purpose as the foundation for building a truly prosperous corporation.
One of the social contributions is providing a mutually supportive environment, demanded by employees and their families through active recruitment, and by amicable business with partners and clients.
Another social contribution is to produce benefits to society in some way, derived from our business activities.
Finally, our ultimate intention as a corporate entity is to ‘always exist’, in order to maintain the social contributions mentioned above. To do so, we improve together by encouraging and collaborating with each other every day, and by making every effort to get involved in the community.
In their endeavors, EMG employees have three principles when considering the fate of the company. Fairness, integrity and giving their best effort are our employees’ life philosophies, as well as our guidelines in decision making.
Incidentally, our company name, “E&M”, is derived from the fundamental policy, “Harmonization” between “Electronics Engineering” and “Man”. Since the founding of this firm, we have fortunately continued our business by consistently contributing to society through software development.

Hereafter, even if business innovation is anticipated to predict new needs in a rapidly changing society, our business will continually transform in order to meet the incoming demands of society. We will never waver from our three principals above and, we will focus to create a system and environment which improve each employee’s skills and mind, for the purpose of creating new value in light of the meanings behind our company name.

Through this achievement, we aim to produce products and services that will move your heart, contribute to the richness of the mind and to a fulfilled life.

We would like to conduct ourselves as a public institution, always growing through the mutual emotion we receive and give to society, as we do our best to contribute to it. And, we are thoroughly convinced that we cannot achieve the prosperity of business without this social contribution.

We would appreciate it if you could understand our principals and cooperate with us.